Programmes at the St. Martin Retreat Centre

Many programmes are offered at the St. Martin Retreat Centre, including faith formation programmes for youth and young adults, spiritual direction, couples and family programmes, children and youth summer camp, Masses, and more. Programmes help participants  learn how to live peacefully with self, others and creation, rooted in a profound respect for the dignity and potential of each person. Many of our classes are held outdoors to fully engage with nature. 

We also host two regularly scheduled programmes, Women of Worth and Pace e Bene (“Peace and All Good.”)

The Women of Worth retreat series is specifically designed to empower young women to celebrate the essence of who they are. Each workshop will provide them with the tools and skills needed to achieve success in their personal life and help them thrive in the modern world.

Pace e Bene is a programme that guides couples and families to lead us all back to peace and harmony. The discussion focuses on improving communication, mastering difficult conversations, learning active listening, conflict resolution, enhancing leadership skills, and working for peace, justice and nonviolence..

We also host International Mission Groups.

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