Retreats at the St. Martin Retreat Centre

We offer a variety of retreats at the St. Martin Retreat Centre, including Confirmation retreats, Youth Lenten and Advent Retreats, Non-Violence Retreats; Women and Men Meditative Retreats, high school graduation retreats, spiritual retreats, customized retreats at the request of specific groups, and more.

Retreats can be for individuals, couples, families, or groups, and can be silent, private, self-directed or tailored to your specific needs.

We encourage participants to partake in yoga and meditation on our grounds, and can set this up for small groups. We have many open spaces surrounded by clean air, the beauty of creation and the gentle sounds of birds in the distance, for one to practice yoga. We also have many meditation benches across the property. In addition, we have a beautiful Rosary Garden where you can pray peacefully and walk the life-sized beads of the Rosary.

We regularly hold Confirmation retreats at the Centre. The Confirmation retreat allows for a thorough, well-rounded preparation for the Sacrament, and will encourage young Catholics to celebrate Christian living, more fully participate in the Catholic community, and be active witnesses to their faith. Our goal is to assist, encourage, and challenge teens – to live and grow as God’s people. Offering an overnight retreat enables the young person to be removed from everyday activities and thus allows him/her to focus fully on the greatness of the Sacrament he/she is preparing to receive.

If you live outside the Diocese or Island of Grenada, we welcome you on any weekend which fits your schedule. You can also call and arrange to come yourself or make booking for a group.

All retreat starts at 7:00 p.m. on Friday evening and ends on Sunday at 3:00 p.m.

Other Retreats are: 

  • Emmaus Retreat - 2nd weekend after Easter; 2nd weekend in October
  • Engaged Encounter Retreat – 2nd weekend of May and November
  • Couples Retreat – weekend closet to Valentine’s Day
  • Teachers Back to School Retreat – 3rd Thursday in August
  • Women Wellness Weekend – 3rd weekend in June
  • Youth Advent Retreat – 3rd weekend in December
  • School Lenten Retreat – as needed
  • Individual Private Retreat – as needed

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